Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sweetness and Light

I really have a thing for mid century furniture with tapering legs — something I've just now fully realized, looking around as I type this.

(photo: fine life co. via sfgirlbybay)


This week's links. Enjoy.

House in the Woods
I missed this space the first time around, so I'm really glad I finally stumbled across it the other day. It's a gorgeous minimalist house in the woods — one with a simple palette of black and white that really works well against the leafy green beauty outside. Love this.

The Words We Wear
From Intelligent Life: "Clothes now have so many labels that a pair of jeans can come with 700 words attached. Rebecca Willis looks at the fine print."

The 10 Favorite Films of Avant-Garde Surrealist Filmmaker Luis Buñuel
Fascinating and idiosyncratic list of Buñuel's favourites, with links to some that you can watch online for free.

I Let IBM's Robot Chef Tell Me What to Cook For a Week
Intriguing and at times hilarious adventures of a food writer who decides to let Chef Watson, IBM's robot chef, dictate what he cooks for a week.

How Nostalgia Can Fuel Creativity
Looking back may help you look forward — recent research has shown that nostalgia can have positive effects, like making people more optimistic about the future and more willing to set new goals.

How to Become Shamelessly Obsessed With Honey in 12 Easy Steps
A great Epicurious post that tells you everything you need to know about how to buy, cook with and bake with honey.

Bill Nye's Salad
Bill Nye is not only the Science Guy — he also makes a mean salad, one that's been handed down from his French ancestors. Definitely making this one.

French Potato Salad
A lovely recipe that's a far cry from the mayo-heavy version seen at bbqs and picnics — this one features a mustard vinaigrette, green beans and fresh dill. I can see this becoming a summer favourite.

(photo by kitka via seesaw)

automatism on instagram

Found this pretty pattern on my table this morning — the tulips spontaneously dropped all their petals last night.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Moments of Beauty

The soft shimmer of silver to add a little glam to your day. May Bell photographed by Lauretta Suter for Vision China.

(via bienenkiste)

A Nest in the Rafters

At barely 33 square meters in size, this tiny attic apartment in Madrid may be small but feels quite spacious, thanks to a light palette and minimal furnishings — a look inspired by Mediterranean style. Love those beams everywhere. More here on AD España.

(photography by d.r.)

advertise on automatism

Thinking of becoming an automatism sponsor? A couple of ad spots are available for June — find out more here.

(photo by birgitta drejer)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Simple Pleasures

Warm weather. After a very, very long and cold Canadian winter, being able to enjoy the outdoors again is truly wonderful.

(photo by dabito via here)

A Studio Tour

Stockholm-based stylist and blogger Josefin Hååg recently shared beautiful photos of her visit to ceramicist Anna Lerinder's studio, and I was so smitten I had to share — it's inspiring just looking at Anna's work space. Love this one. More here on Residence.

(photos by josefin hååg)

Monday, May 25, 2015


A pretty still life to start your week gently. Have a good one.

(photo via little upside down cake)

Holiday in Paradise

Overlooking the Aegean Sea, this pair of stunning villas in Mykonos, Greece, is also available as vacation getaways. Owners Katie and Jonny Friedman took what were once bare shells and worked with South African architect Jayne Wunder to create two tranquil oases with spectacular views. Love. More here on Marie Claire Maison.

(photography by jérôme galland)

Friday, May 22, 2015


Happy weekend! Hope it's a lovely one. We have a huge neighbourhood garage sale to look forward to — should be lots of fun. Have a fun one too.

(photo by manolo yllera via here)

Loft Life in LA

Today I'm admiring fashion stylist and blogger Jayne Min's downtown Los Angeles loft — an airy space flooded with natural light from the beautiful industrial windows, furnished with style and wit. See more over at My Domaine here.

(photography by chris patey)


Have a cool weekend.

(fab collage by joe webb)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sweetness and Light

Love this idea of a little portable studio — something I think of when painting outdoors, but for some reason never thought of it indoors. Makes any room an instant atelier.

(photo by vosges paris)


This week's links. Enjoy.

Australian With a Scandinavian Accent
Take a tour over at The Design Files of the utterly gorgeous Sydney apartment of Frag and Naomi Woodall, renovated from scratch and now a tranquil and welcoming space.

In Motion
Stunning, dreamlike short video of Tokyo by Aaron Grimes created by "stacking video frames inside Adobe Photoshop and then recombining those stacked frames into a video again."

First, Call Yourself An Artist: Career Advice From Artist Lisa Congdon
Lovely interview with the amazing artist Lisa Congdon, whose new book Art Inc. has given (and continues to give) me tons of happy inspiration.

Make Some Art. Your Brain Will Thank You
And on a related note — Good is teaming up with Sambazon for '100 days of little ways to change our world'. Creating art is one — and a great way to explore your creativity, reduce stress, hone your cognitive and motor skills and feel happier.

Top 10 Rural Noir Books
Great list by novelist Tom Bouman of fiction exploring the dark side of American country life, from James M Cain to Flannery O'Connor.

5 Awesome Films Overlooked at the Box Office This Year
Great short list of 5 films that didn't get a whole lot of recognition when released — I'm particularly keen to see 'Le Chef' with Jean Reno and 'Rewrite' with Hugh Grant.

10 On-Screen Denim Heroes
AnOther magazine recently celebrated Denim Day with a look at denim in film, from Marilyn Monroe to Julia Roberts.

Goat Cheese and Caramelized Onion Pizza
A simple and flavourful flatbread-style pizza by Minimalist Baker, livened with a balsamic reduction. 

(photo via fantastic frank)

automatism on instagram

Gorgeous ramps at the farmer's market on the weekend.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Moments of Beauty

I love the crispness of a white shirt when the weather turns hot and humid — especially if it's as interesting as this one. Model Grace Simmons photographed by Jens Langkjaer for V magazine.

(via bienenkiste)

A Quiet Retreat

Annette Hvidberg's tranquil family home in Hørsholm, Denmark reflects her love of Mediterranean style — particularly in its extensive use of white. Which is rather appropriate, as Annette's last name means 'white' in Danish. Love how peaceful this space is. More here on Femina.

(photography by pernille kaalund)
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